Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy’s next Three Blue Ducks venue will be in the space formerly occupied by Koskela Kitchen, and Kitchen by Mike. Robertson says it won’t be an exact copy of either Three Blue Ducks’ Bronte or Byron sites, but still a continuation of their philosophy and style. “In Byron, we've got an Argentinian grill, where we do animals on spits and salads. We want to take what we've been doing there and bring it to Roseberry,” says Robertson.

At the Rosebery site, they’ll set up a barbeque outdoors, with a wood-fired oven and a pulley-operated charcoal grill. “We’ll do a lot more cooking on coals with veggies and fruits and whole fish,” says Robertson. “It will be a similar philosophy. We’re not going to suddenly go fine dining or anything. It will still be the Ducks.”

That means the smorgasbord-style set-up that Koskela and Kitchen by Mike had will be replaced by a bar, and table service. Robertson says they’ll work with MJD Design and Drafting on introducing a lot more greenery, and using the outdoor areas more. “On the farm, we have the outside area, the barbeque area, kids running around, dogs, all sorts of shit. And then the restaurant is up and running. So it's a really fun environment. We'd like that,” he says.

Byron Smith from Urban Growers, who’s worked with Three Blue Ducks and Kitchen by Mike, will help Robertson and LaBrooy set up as many green spaces in and around the restaurant as possible. “He's got a brief to grow some edibles, and expand on the existing garden. We want to see what we can get and grow inside,” Robertson says.

At some stage they’ll also introduce live music. “We've got a large open space, so we'd really like to push that, because it's a dying thing in Sydney.” As for what kind of music it will be, Robertson says, “All sorts of stuff. Everyone expects it to be like Jack Johnson, but there’ll be other stuff going on.”

Three Blue Ducks is slated to open for breakfast and lunch in June, with dinner service commencing soon afterwards.