Potts Point may have gained a reputation for swanky small bars and award-winning restaurants, but it’s still possible to find a satisfying bite for less than 20 bucks. Here are three to try.

Challis crepes from Greenknowe Cafe – $17

Having worked as a chef at Fratelli Fresh and the now-closed Ananas, Jovan Arias opened Greenknowe with his wife, Sandra Arias, in late 2022. The Filipino-influenced menu offers many delights, but at $17, the challis crepes are a standout steal. Taking their inspiration from turon (a deep-fried dessert of bananas in spring roll wrappers), the thin yet fluffy crepes are caramelised on the edges and come layered with sliced banana, lashings of mascarpone and caramel sauce. Add vanilla ice cream for $3 and you’ll still be within budget.

Bon Jambon from Smalls Deli – $17

There are ham and cheese sandwiches – and then there’s the Bon Jambon from Smalls. A crusty baguette (baked by Organic Bread Bar) is slathered with a layer of triple-cream brie, then topped with double-smoked ham and Dijon mustard. In a classically British move, ultra-crunchy potato crisps come on the side. Add a kick with a dose of Quinby’s chilli honey for 50 cents, a pile of pickled cucumbers for $2.50 – or both. (There's also the Al Green, if you're meat-averse, which is one Broadsheet editor's favourite salad sanga.)

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Morcilla plate from Ken’s Continental – $20

For 20 smackeroonies, the good folks at Ken’s Continental fill a protein-packed plate. An impeccably sliced and fried morcilla (black sausage made with pig’s blood) rides alongside two eggs – sunny-side up, still appropriately runny – and a pile of butter beans swimming in rich tomato sauce. Pickles, mustard and lemon give you three ways to add a whole lot of zest and zing. It’s hard to think of a better way to cure a hangover or prepare for a strenuous-looking day.