Cremorne may be small, but the food offering is mighty. We’ve got two winning dishes for less than $20 (and one that's just over) in the area. Find a generous smoked salmon bagel, a moreish pad thai, and a bibimbap from a popular Korean Japanese restaurant.

Salmon bagel from Shot on Military – $19

This hole-in-the-wall cafe is a badly kept secret by the locals of Cremorne. The regulars are loyal – it’s the place for coffee. The menu is full of simple, fresh, generous food. But go for the mountainous salmon bagel, with a hefty slather of cream cheese, salty smoked salmon and tomato, plus capers and pickled onion for a cut through of acid. There’s a pile of fresh herbs atop, too.

Tofu and vegetable pad thai from Aroi Thai – $20.90

Bring those loose coins that’ve been lying around and add it to your 20: this sticky and sweet serve of noodles demands it. Situated in the lively Cremorne Plaza, Aroi Thai is a go-to for both dine-in and takeaway. The pad thai is packed full of flavour, with crunchy veggies aplenty, plus lots of tofu. Prefer chicken, pork or prawns? Grab a few more coins.

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Veggie bibimbap from Korean Samurai – $18.90

Another of Cremorne Plaza’s restaurants, this place is so popular it’s hard to get a table. The menu is varied, combining both Korean and Japanese flavours. The sushi and dumplings are hard to go past, but the veggie-laden bibimbap is a standout. A bed of sticky rice is topped with finely sliced carrots and zucchini, sauteed spinach and a crispy fried egg. The whole thing is finished with Korean Samurai’s homemade chilli sauce – an ideal umami-rich addition to add spice to the savoury.