On Sunday mornings in Sydney, as stools are stacked and floors are mopped in the city’s nightclubs, Club 77 is just waking up. It’s hosting a new series of weekly parties that start at 5am and finish at 12pm.

Afters, a new Sydney-based events company, hosts “After Hours” events at Club 77 every Sunday and Monday morning. So far, they’ve had a great reception.

David Cooper and Brett Ayton founded Afters nine weeks ago.

“It’s for people who aren’t ready to go home right after 3.30am when most of the other clubs end. It’s also aimed at those working in hospitality, who have been working all night. It gives them somewhere to go after work,” says Cooper.

Alcohol won’t be served between 3am and 5am (and no one will be allowed in between 1.30am and 5am because of the lockout laws). But if you’re already in the club and waiting for After Hours to begin, you can settle into a booth with a young coconut. From 5am, the Bloody Marys will come out.

For Cooper, it’s time for Sydney to stop complaining about its dwindling nightlife. “At the moment, [it’s] doing pretty well. Part of the reason there is a market for this kind of after-hours party is because our nightlife has been improving so much,” he says. Cooper encourages you to see the city as a glass that’s half full, pointing to all the great events promoters are putting on and all the international acts that are coming out. “Life is pretty good,” he says.

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On December 9, Afters will throw a 15-hour party at Club 77 featuring London’s techno DJ East End Dubs. Local DJs Jake Hough, Marley Sherman and Jamie Palmer will also make an appearance. The party starts at 9pm on Saturday and is expected to run through the night until midday on Sunday December 10. Many more 15-hour events are in the works. After hours indeed.