Save money, but don’t drop your standards – here are 10 places to eat cheap, every day of the week. Check back tomorrow for Friday’s deals.

Mussels and merlot for $20 at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

The Lord Gladstone has $10 steaks with chips and salad.

All you can eat chicken wings for $15 at The Forresters from 4pm.

Tacos at Harpoon Harry are $5 each (chicken, pork crackling, jalapeno and fish).

The London Hotel in Paddington has $14 steaks with salad, chips and sauce from 5pm.

Grab a buddy and share a $10 bucket of wings from 5pm at Bar Luca.

More wings, this time with waffles for $15 from 6pm, and $12 burgers at The Norfolk Hotel.

Rump steak for $15 at The Light Brigade.

Beach Road Hotel in Bondi has chicken parmigiana or schnitzel with chips and salad from $12.50 to $15.

Missing summer? Go for fish and chips at The Bucket List in Bondi for $15.

Here's Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's deals.