With the long strip of Glebe Point Road running from Victoria Park on Parramatta Road all the way down to Blackwattle and Rozelle Bay – and traversing grand historic houses, budget accommodation and a variety of shopfronts along the way –Glebe has a host of eats under $10. From pub lunches to bonus cups of coffee, we fossicked among the terraces to unearth some delicious finds. Here’s our pick of the spots that will fill you up at lunchtime and still leave you with enough for the bus fare home.

1. Tomato, bocconcini and fresh basil focaccia at Il Cortile Caffe – $5
This tiny Italian cafe is decked out in cute shuttered windows and verdant faux vines and, given the right frame of mind, could transport you to Tuscany. Fresh focaccias and piadinas are a drawcard, with fillings including bacon and egg or salami and provolone. But the simplicity of the tomato, bocconcini and fresh basil is a simple and satisfying combination every time.
325a Glebe Point Road

2. Steak lunch at Toxteth Hotel – $10
There’s a $10 lunch menu here that includes chicken schnitzel and fish ’n’ chips, but the $10 steaks are local legend. With the revamped venue putting a shiny spin on pub fare, it’s good to see the staples are still a winner.

3. Steak sandwich with the lot at The Spot – $9
The burger menu here offers an array of lunches well under $10, from fish burgers to the signature chicken schnitzel burger with bacon and avocado. Plenty of focaccias and wraps roll in under the $10 mark as well. But the steak sandwich with the lot lives up to its name – close to bursting with bacon, egg, cheese and of course steak. Add a side of chips for $3 if you’re flush with spare change. The Spot itself is an understated diner/takeaway joint, but that just lets the food speak for itself.
367 Glebe Point Road

4. Bacon and egg panini with a Double Roasters coffee at Madame Frou Frou – $9
This tiny cafe makes a late breakfast of a double egg panini into a really worthwhile offering, adding a coffee to the deal and all for the easy sum of $9. Eggs are free range and the coffee is by Double Roasters, so that double egg is double good when breakfast becomes lunch.
381 Glebe Point Road

5. Pork roll at The Roll Cafe – $5.20
It’s not much to look at, but the Vietnamese pork rolls here come stuffed into a fluffy-in-the-middle white roll with more pork, pâté, mayo, carrot, coriander and shallot than you can imagine. The décor might be on the sparse side, but the flavour is fresh and big.
11 Glebe Point Road

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6. Vegetarian lunch special laksa at Sumalee Thai – $8.50
These guys made their name at The Bank Hotel in Newtown and they still proudly bear that note on their Glebe restaurant sign. Takeaway is the byword here for a great lunch. Huge, spicy, soupy bowls full of coconut broth, chunky vegetables, bobbing tofu and endless noodles make a fragrant and filling lunchtime special. And you can add chicken, beef or pork if you’re willing to up the budget slightly to $10.50.
171 Glebe Point Road

7. Pulled pork sandwich at The Wedge – $9
They might change the menu seasonally here, but it’s hard to take a local favourite off. The pulled pork used to be made elsewhere, but Toby Wilson and the team brought it in house to their tiny kitchen and they haven’t looked back. Dinner plans are afoot here, but for now the pulled pork sandwich keeps lunch regulars happy, especially on drizzly days.

8. Roti telor bawang at Mamak Village – $7.50
All the roti at Mamak Village (not to be confused with Mamak restaurants in Chatswood and Haymarket) come with three dipping sauces – dhal, curry gravy and anchovy chilli jam – so take your pick from original roti, bawang onion or murtabak minced beef. But the telor bawang, filled with egg and onion, makes for a great lunch, all hand-stretched by the roti musketeers (their chefs originating from Penang Island in Malaysia). You’ll also find outposts in Chinatown and Wynyard.
25 Glebe Point Road

9. Individual quiches at La Banette – $6.50
Head straight to the back of this tiny bakery for the cabinet window display of hefty individual quiches. Vegetable options comprise mounds of chunky diced vegetables erupting from shortcrust house pastry, while mushroom and bacon win lunchtime hearts on cooler days. Just look for the yellow and white striped awning. You’ll even have change for a custard tart or freshly rolled croissant.
18 Glebe Point Road

10. Assorted nigiri sushi at Goen Japanese – $10
For what locals claim to be the freshest sushi in Glebe, grab a lunchtime special sushi set at Goen Japanese and enjoy it amongst the branches of cherry blossom and oversized oriental fans. Sets come complete with a piping hot bowl of miso as well as rice and there are plenty of options to choose from. Assorted nigiri is a favourite and you won’t find any dried out rice here.
28 Glebe Point Road