From October 10, you’ll once again be able to buy a just-off-the-grill snag enveloped in soft white bread and covered in onions (and the sauce of your choice) before you idly peruse the vast aisles at Bunnings.

The hardware chain has decided to reintroduce its weekend sausage sizzles at selected stores in NSW, after pausing them in March due to Covid. It’s already resumed the service in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Victorian snag fans are yet to receive the good news.

While Bunnings hasn’t yet released a list of the lucky stores, it’s confirmed that it will be introducing some changes to the process, including increased cleaning and beefed-up hygiene requirements; separate ordering and pick-up points to ensure 1.5-metre distance between patrons; and check-in on the Service NSW app for contact tracing.

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The sausage sizzles are staffed by volunteers to benefit local community causes, and everyone running the stalls will be required to wear a face mask or face covering.