The Sopranos-inspired Satriale’s Sandwich Deli, which first opened in Kensington two years ago, has now moved to Marrickville with huge expansion plans.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to move because of the light-rail work in Kensington. But we’re really excited to join Enmore Road – it’s so suited for us,” says co-owner Steven Gold, who runs the business with his wife Gina Zegarelli.

Unlike the cosy old spot, this new version of Satriale’s, which was born from the fictional sandwich shop featured in The Sopranos, can seat up to 20 people. It’s reminiscent of an old-school continental deli. There’s a wooden-framed, red-brick wall exterior; a hard-to-miss neon sign; and tables with red-and-white chequered tablecloths. There’s also a mural on one of the walls where local artist Sophie Al-Bazouni has brought The Soprano’s characters to life.

“We wanted that vibe where you feel like you’re in a New Jersey-style deli, and The Sopranos just happens to be the inspiration,” says Gold.

Get stuck into one of the generously stuffed sandwiches. Dream up your own from a list of ingredients or pick from the menu: Satriale’s hero with sopressa, coppa, ham, prosciutto, provolone, peppers, lettuce and tomato; or a sopressa-and-provolone toastie are both standouts.

Come night time, in addition to its sandwiches, Satriale’s will be topping thinly rolled pizza bases, which are stacked with sandwich ingredients. By night you can dine against the backdrop of re-runs of The Sopranos – or any other Italian mobster movie on request.

Local and imported American and Italian sliced meats and cheese are available to buy, by the gram, too

Gold has grand plans to franchise the brand out. There are already talks underway to open up another store in Balmain.

Satriale’s Sandwich Deli
297 Enmore Road, Marrickville (02) 8065 9850

Tue to Sat 8am–2pm
Tue to Thu 6–9pm
Sun 10am–2pm

*This article first appeared on Broadsheet on August 9. 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.