Peanut butter fans went nuts in 2017 when Sydney’s first diner devoted to the salty-sweet spread opened in Leichhardt. The aptly named Peanut Butter Bar promised to use peanut butter in everything, from its shakes to its puddings and cookies.

“When we launched back in October 2017, we went viral,” owner Christine Elbakht tells Broadsheet. “We had Unilad film a video, which received 30 million views. We were featured on every major media outlet and attracted tourists from all over the world, but especially the USA. It seems there are many peanut butter addicts out there.”

Now Peanut Butter Bar is adding savoury peanut butter items to its previously dessert-only menu and getting a makeover. Come late November, diners will be able to eat a maple-bacon peanut butter burger, loaded fries and peanut butter wings, and drink peanut butter-infused cocktails. They’ll join favourite menu items such as a choc-chip cookie skillet, gelato and protein pancakes.

Along with the new menu items, the diner will undergo a rebrand and refresh. Expect a screen displaying the history of peanut butter, new booth seating, a mural of a peanut plant and neon signs.

Elbakht opened Peanut Butter Bar with her husband, Nagib, two years ago as a response to Christine’s obsession with the nutty spread.

“Since I was a child, I have always loved peanut butter,” she says. “I ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every single day of my high-school years. Peanut butter has always been my go-to food staple.”

The couple also opened the store in an attempt to steer people away from Nutella, which Christine said at the time was overused and abused across Sydney. She decided to spread the love to peanut butter, and the Peanut Butter Bar was born.

Peanut Butter Bar is slated to undergo refurbishment in late November.