Are you an indecisive Libra who can’t make your mind up when confronted with even the shortest drinks list? Or perhaps you’re a Gemini who’s too busy yapping to read the menu? Sydney creative agency Buffet might have the solution to your ordering woes: 12 Sydney drinks matched to the 12 zodiac signs.

Put together by the agency’s graphic designer, Nathalie Rolando, the list features cocktails, spirits and wines created and sold at 12 Sydney bars. It’s assigned the Native Negroni from Darlinghurst wine bar Love, Tilly Devine to Pisces because, like the fishy zodiac sign (and those born between February 18 and March 20), it exudes an uncomplicated vibe.

Quirky Aquarians are embodied in The Grifter Brewing Co’s Serpent’s Kiss Watermelon Pilsner, which reflects a personality that “despises conforming to the status quo”. Party-hard Sagittarians meanwhile, are most like the vibrant and interesting Amaro Spritz by Poor Toms Gin. Poor Toms’s house-distilled amaro (which is made in Marrickville) has 25 obscure herbs and “outrageous fruits” that’ll keep any Sag’s changes-with-the-wind attention span focused on the complex flavour profile.

Indecisive Librans, who have mixed feelings about everything and are “on the constant search for balance”, are likened to the Long Island Iced Tea at city bar PS40. And Virgos – known for their perfectionist tendencies and bottling up their feelings – should order Continental Deli’s Mar-tinny. Just like a Virgo’s feelings, this cocktail is contained (literally, in a tin).

Geminis, social butterflies known for their split personalities, are personified in not one, but two drinks from Tio’s: a tequila shot, followed by a chaser of the tequila-based shot Verdita.

The drink recommendations are a follow-up to the agency’s clever meme from earlier this year, in which classic Sydney dishes were aligned with star signs. Efficient, meticulous Virgos were assigned Flour and Stone’s scrupulously made croissant, while the black and white halves of Bennelong’s neenish tart were deemed to represent the two sides of Geminis.

At the time, when we asked Sophie McComas, the director and co-founder of the Surry Hills-based agency (and past Broadsheet Sydney editor), how accurate the concept was, she said, “Oh, extremely,” her tongue planted firmly in cheek. “Everyone knows astrology readings are 100 per cent accurate and must be taken as gospel at all times.”

That said, Buffet works with food and drink brands to execute content, campaigns and social media strategies, and has an in-depth knowledge of many Sydney dishes, so there’s a lot of consideration and wit behind the pairings.

See the full list here.