The cat cafe trend shows no signs of abating. A pop-up kitten cafe in Darlinghurst was booked out within hours of announcing its opening and the news about Catmosphere opening in July has been received with serious interest. If you missed out on the pop-up, there’s a permanent cat cafe you can visit any day of the week: Cafe Purrfection in Roseville. Customers can enjoy a free cup of coffee while spending some time with a furry companion.

Cafe Purrfection is part of the Chatswood Cat Palace, a cat boarding and grooming facility run by Dr Kim Kendall, an Australian vet qualified in cat behaviour. All the cats in the cafe were rescued and trained to be comfortable around humans. “We have picked cats who love people,” says Kendall. “[They] don’t just offer companionship to anyone who wants it, but also to those who need it.”

There is no age restriction at Cafe Purrfection – kids are welcome as long as they can sit still. “We have had wonderful feedback from people, especially the kids. It’s a great educational experience for them,” says Kendall.

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If you want a patting-and-purring session in the cafe, book one of the six cats. Your session will include a ragdoll female and two tabbies. You can bring along your own snacks.

A session costs $20 an hour, bookings must be made in advance.

Cafe Purrfection at The Chatswood Cat Palace

Unit 18,

30–32 Barcoo Street,


(02) 9417 3329


Mon, Fri 8am–8pm

Tue 10am–7pm

Sat 9am–4pm

Sun midday–4pm