One way to test the quality of a gelateria’s products is to check each flavour’s texture. They should be different. The mango flavour at Dolce Bacio, Sydney’s new gelato truck, is almost chewy, like biting into an overripe mango, but without the stringy core. The caramel flavour on the other hand is softer and has less give, like a heavily whipped cream.

“It's very cheap to put powder and water in a machine and you can earn a lot of money, but we want to be quality and healthy,” says Francesca Cavallari. She makes the gelato with Dante Scarano. “We’re very proud of artisan Italian gelato.”

That mango gelato’s texture comes from using fresh mangoes (from the couple’s yard). “We’re lucky. We’ve got a big tree in our back garden. There’s a difference in flavour and texture with fresh mangoes.” The chocolate is made with a homemade dark-chocolate sauce; the pistachio and hazelnut with house-ground Italian nuts; and a fuchsia-coloured raspberry flavour is churned, expensively, with fresh berries. “All the colours you see are the natural colours, every sorbet uses fresh fruit,” says Cavallari.

The flavours available change every day the bright-pink truck hits the streets, though. Cavallari and Scarano make a fresh batch of gelato for each event or location and the flavours are entirely dependent on the season and how creative they’re feeling.

The two graduates of Carpigiani Gelato University (one of Italy’s most prestigious schools) have also created flavours such as pumpkin, Gaytime, prickly pear and rosé. Other than in a cup or cone, you can also have them in a cannoli; a taco-shell-shaped waffle; with a shot of espresso and a flourish of cream; or in a doughy brioche sandwich. “That is typical in Sicily,” says Cavallari of the gelato-filled brioche bun.

“We have got a lot of ideas, but at the moment we're just two people and we don't have much space,” says Cavallari. “Dante is studying to become a pastry chef. One of our dreams is to open a shop with gelato and other Italian products.”

Check Dolce Bacio’s Instagram for locations.