When working on the concept for Broadsheet Restaurant, the guiding principle was to produce a snapshot of our city. Where we’re at with food; what we’re doing behind the bar; and what’s going on in coffee. Sydney has one of the most vibrant, innovative coffee scenes in the world, and we want to celebrate that. So we asked some of the best in the industry to work with us: Single O, Toby’s Estate, Sample Coffee Roasters, Reuben Hills, Edition Coffee Roasters, Mecca, curated by Coffee Kaizen’s Sam Sgambellone with Tim Varney and Tim Williams from Bureaux Collective (who ran the coffee at Noma Australia).

The idea for coffee at the Broadsheet Restaurant was to showcase the different approaches that have influenced Sydney’s specialty-coffee industry. “There’s been a rapid growth in people roasting for themselves, at least in specialty coffee,” says Sgambellone. “If we did this five years ago there may have been three people. So we came up with the idea of featuring different roasters to showcase their coffee.”

The guest roasters provide two sets of beans, one for Broadsheet Restaurant’s espresso styles, and another for filter coffees. Last week we had Coffee Alchemy. This week there’s beans from Pablo & Rusty’s, and next week Artificer will share its roast. The last week will feature Mecca, which is providing its house blend for milk coffees.

For the guest filters and espressos, Sgambellone and his team will prepare each coffee to the specs of the roasters to ensure a true representation of the variety in Sydney coffee. “We've had the opportunity for each roaster to drop off their coffee, talk to us a little bit about their story, how they like to serve it, and offer that up for people to try,” says Sgambellone. “We're enjoying the diversity. With specialty, I think we lost that for a little while. We all liked light, floral. Now we can say it's a bit darker, but if done well, that's a nice representation.”