Barangaroo restaurant Banksii takes its name from Joseph Banks, the notable English botanist who introduced the Western world to such plants and botanicals as the eucalyptus, acacia, mimosa and – of course – the banksia. The respect for Banks is evident in the bar’s love of vermouth – the botanical-infused, fortified wine appears throughout the menu, from appetisers to dessert. Now, the diner is using it to amp up the humble lamington.

Banksii’s take on the Aussie classic is a step up from old-school bakery recipes. The sponge is soaked in the restaurant’s house rose vermouth, layered with pineapple jam, then coated in chocolate. It’s then rolled in macadamia instead of the traditional shredded coconut.

The lamington will only be available on January 25 and 26 – an appropriately vermouth-y accompaniment to the restaurant’s vermouth Martini, vermouth-glazed almonds and vermouth-infused trifle.

But this isn’t the first time the lamington has been given a spin by a Sydney restaurant. Peter Gilmore famously serves an ice-cream and ganache version at Bennelong, and Woolloomooloo’s Flour and Stone has garnered acclaim for its panna-cotta-soaked take, which has berry compote in the centre and a dark-chocolate coating.

Banksii’s lamington will be available on January 25 and 26.