After less than a year, restaurateur Sam Christie has announced the closure of his Sydney restaurant Subcontinental. Opened in February 2015, Subcontinental served a range of Indian and Sri Lankan-inspired food underneath Christie’s celebrated Thai restaurant, Longrain.

The restaurant – well-known for its authentic Indian cuisine, house-made condiments and dishes straight from the tandoor – served its last dish in December when it came to the end of its lease. Christie is not looking for a new location anytime soon.

“I’m not actively looking for a new location, but it’s definitely not dead,” says Christie. “I definitely want to do it again, but at this stage I’m not sure. We’re probably looking at doing something later this year or next year.”

In the mean time, Christie will focus on expanding The Apollo to Tokyo’s Ginza district, which will open in March this year.

“Quite a few people are bummed that Subcontinental has closed, but we knew our lease was up,” says Christie. “I [am] disappointed in a way, but we had some fun; I just miss it. I miss the food.”

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