Mixing Their Own

Over the past month, we’ve been hanging out for knockoff drinks with our friends around town, who’ve been mixing their own drink on Fridays. Pony Bikes mixed up some tasty Negronis (which they mixed with their filthy mechanics’ fingers); Small Batch Coffee Roasters created a perfect Vodka Tonic, while experimenting with a ‘special’ aeropress; and Pop & Scott made a delicious Drill Press Lemonade while carefully avoiding heavy machinery.

A Party of Punches

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally beginning to unfurl. There’s no better way to celebrate the warmer weather than inviting your pals around for a garden party. And there’s no such thing as a garden party without punch. Here are three easy-to-make punches that’ll please everyone.

A Spring Sangria

When we’re talking Sangria, most often we’re thinking about reds like Tempranillo or Sangiovese with a couple of oranges floating on top. Well, this White Sangria is refreshingly different.

Cornerstone: Scotch Whisky

For a long time, most things that Scotland produced were either unfairly taxed by the English or just flat out stolen. A rich history and a strict set of rules make this spirit one of prestige, mystery and exclusivity. Find out how to use it.

What To Do With… Ice Cream

No matter the season, there always seems to be ice cream in the freezer. It’s there with that equally inexplicable bag of frozen peas. It might not sound like a great idea to go mixing it with a carbonated beverage, but think back to childhood, remember the flavour sensation that was the ‘spider’ and it all starts to come together. Only this time, we’re adding a little bit of booze to brighten the party.