Never one to stagnate, chef and restaurateur Neil Perry and the team from Spice Temple Sydney are gearing up to launch a new culinary journey with their first regional dinner. Taking place on Wednesday July 18 and themed around ‘The Silk Road’ the dinner will lead guests through China’s culinary regions with Perry and head chef Andy Evans on hand to explain the menu and the pedal through China’s culinary regions.

It’s the first in what they hope will be a series of regional dinners for Spice Temple, this time roaming from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, Peking and Xian. “We aim to highlight and explain the specialty dishes and cooking techniques that are unique to these often unknown regions in China,” says Perry.

With the menu of the inaugural regional dinner beginning in Hangzhou (featuring prawn and iceberg salad with salted olive and black bean dressing and fresh belly bacon with garlic and lemon) and finishing in Kashgar, or Xinjiang (with lamb shashliks, baked bread, chickpea salad and tomatoes), it’s set to be an epic and exotic gastronomic journey.

The Silk Road banquet is $95pp, with additional $55pp for matching wines. Starting Wednesday July 18, 2012.

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