South American cooking is a carnivore’s dream. From Peruvian rotisserie chicken to Brazilian pork ribs, Melbourne author and cookbook extraordinaire Rachael Lane is taking us out of our comfort zones and over to the Americas’ smoky barbecue territory. Her new publication South American Grill is timely to say the least, with South American restaurants popping up all over the city and Melburnians fast developing an appetite to cook this style of food at home.

With photographs of two racks of raw lamb stretching across the opening and closing spreads, this book is filled with perfect recipes for meat lovers and barbecue fanatics. Lane has taken the traditional-style recipes used by South American gauchos (cattlemen) and adapted them to suit modern domestic gas barbecues.

The book encompasses what South American dining is all about – entertaining and bringing family and friends together. Lane has designed meal plans to suit your ideal South American get together, from Friday nights with your mates to Sunday lunch with the whole family.

Each recipe is printed in characteristic shades of blue, orange and red, with English translations of each title and a brief introduction to region the recipe hails from. Featuring themed graphics and tantalising images, this well researched, rustic-style book takes the reader as close to Brazil, Peru and Argentina as possible without leaving their own kitchen.

Aside from the array of meats, the book features a variety of appetisers, colourful cocktails and crowd-pleasing desserts. There is also a chapter dedicated to sauces and salsas, as according to Lane, no South American meal would be complete without at least one or two condiments.

Lane has written several books that cover a wide range of foods and cuisines, and tends to split her time between writing and travelling. The charming South American Grill is a fine example of her ability to immerse herself in the country’s cuisine.

South American Grill, published by Hardie Grant, RRP $34.95.