It's no secret that you have a love of riesling. Are Sydney wine drinkers following suit?
We sell a lot of riesling at Love, Tilly Devine, especially as the weather warms up. The staff love to show guests new and exciting wine styles. Wine with a bit more body and complexity, sometimes even a touch of sweetness, such as German and Alsatian rieslings can offer an interesting alternative to the traditional citrusy, bone-dry Australian styles.

What's coming up for Love, Tilly Devine?
Well we won Best Wine Bar Wine List this year in the Australian Wine List of the Year Awards, which was very significant, and we're launching a new series of producer nights entitled 'Meet Our Makers'. Some of our favourite winemakers, usually from the Australian avant-garde, will be talking about their wine. Guests can come in, chat to the winemakers and taste the wine. It will be very informal and hopefully a lot of fun.

If you could talk to yourself 10 years ago, what advice would you give yourself when it comes to wine and business?
Discovering new wines and watching my tastes change and develop is actually the most exciting aspect of my work and I wouldn't have changed any of that. For business, I would have made Love, Tilly Devine twice the size.

What do your customers seem to be interested in drinking, coming into spring?
Pinot gris could be the big drink of the warmer months, which is cool because it can be made in so many different styles, from clean and crisp to full and complex and even a style resembling a burnt orange rosé.