Innovative Vietnamese food has always been elusive in inner Sydney. The arrival of Banh Xeo, lead by a former Ester and Fred’s chef, is cause for celebration.

Out with Sunrise Asian and in with an all-day Mediterranean diner in Elizabeth Bay.

At Matt Moran’s rooftop cocktail bar at Barangaroo House, waterfront views and champagne find their match in fried brisket doughnuts and caviar.

Fried chicken with a Venice Beach accent, two years in the making, arrives in Manly.

Serving schnitzel since the ’60s, Stuyvesant’s House will make any German dish you request with 48 hours’ notice.

Walk down a long corridor, knock three times on a brass pineapple and you’ve arrived at the CBD’s newest underground speakeasy.

Hotel Centennial has joined Merivale’s 60-strong portfolio.

Our new book, Broadsheet Sydney Food, is out now. For a taste, here’s our guide to Sydney’s best sweets and the unmissable stores, bakers, chocolatiers and creatives who bring them to you.