Chippendale's new American-style diner has roots in Mexico. Begin with Philly cheesesteak and tacos, finish with a decadent ice-cream sundae.

Lebanese sesame buns stuffed with cheese, pastries injected with pomegranate-sweetened lamb and za'atar pizza from $2. Step inside this week's Local Knowledge discovery.

Kimchi-filled dumplings, raw-kelp-noodle cacio de pepe (cheese and pepper), and lime-flavoured, smoke-emitting cocktails from one of the world's top vegan chefs. You wouldn't believe this is a hotel restaurant, would you?

Hubert is unlocking its Theatre Royale for a series of Colonial-French dinners. Get a front row seat for a show of bagels and caviar, vermouth-doused flounder, and foie-gras poutine.

Daisy’s Milkbar has swung open its doors for dinner and drinks with and is offering a roll call of deep-fried mac’n’cheese balls, cheesy fries and meat-pie jaffles.

Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet is the new diner from the host of the world’s biggest TV dating show, If You Are the One. Meng Fei grew up in Chongqing, a Sichuan city famous for its spicy noodle soup, and that's what you can get here. Order Chongqing spicy noodle with peas and pork mince with a side of zhong shui jiao (Sichuan-style dumplings). This is the flashy first opening of Market City’s ambitious new food court, 1909 Dining.

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A Polish Easter market in Ashfield will marry vodka, egg-painting and pierogi. .