Sydney scores a mini hawkers market blending street food from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

A new Italian restaurant and bar in the CBD by the Matteo Double Bay team is pearling on the horizon.

Freshwater’s Giovanni Pilu has opened a casual spin-off Italian trattoria in the newly redeveloped Harbord Diggers.

An underground restaurant has snuck into a CBD alleyway – and it prides itself on only serving steak.

It’s the year of Australiania at Sydney restaurants. Another venue has opened where local floral and fauna can be found in everything, from the Negronis to the lamb shoulder.

Harris Farm has gone cage free, pledging to remove all eggs laid by caged hens from its stores’ shelves.

Black Star Pastry’s limited-edition winter desserts are here. Step aside, watermelon cake.

Paddington’s Four in Hand has sold to a Sydney publican and the future looks bright.

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