Holly Heffa Burger Truck has opened a canteen dedicated to fiery fried chicken in Kings Park. Expect wings so hot they’ll make you cry.

A tiny bakery has surfaced in Seaforth with award-winning sourdough and doughy croissants.

Bridging the divide between hip-hop and coffee, the tiny Dee Why cafe proves size does not matter.

Chula is now offering the Cross a taste of Mexican mornings, with a new boozy brunch series where cocktails come with Berocca, and scrambled eggs with beans and coriander.

Many of the city’s small Sichuan community say Wide Alley is the most original noodle joint in town. We tend to agree.

A converted warehouse in Alexandria has arrived, and it’s calling itself a “culinary day spa”. That means, it’s inviting you to make yourself at home in what could be an extension of your living room – but with superfood lattes and vegan treats.

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[Potts Point’s new Italian doesn’t seem perturbed by its strong competition (Fratelli Paradiso. Fresh pasta and Northern Italian dumplings land confidently on tables at this Victorian-style terrace.