Bar snacks
Roasts slow-cooked in a smoker, roasts with traditional and not-so-traditional sides, and plenty of roasts with Yorkshire puddings. Here are our favourite Sydney Sunday roasts.

It’s squished, loaded with truffled cheese and the salad comes on the side – a Sydney burger has a new home and is more luxe than ever.

New openings
We can finally get this Japanese-Italian hybrid at Sydney’s newest dining precinct.

With a secret drinks menu you need a UV light to read, and a contemporary spin on a traditional cuisine, this Vietnamese diner is doing things a little differently.

Roo pies, fairy bread pudding and stuffed marsupials – this isn’t a childhood fantasy, it’s Redfern’s newest eatery.

The team behind a popular wharf cafe has opened another cafe, also on a wharf.

Folded eggs with truffled crème fraiche, and congee with chilli fried egg and maple-glazed bacon are all on the menu at this inner-city newbie.

Old spaces, new ideas
A Potts Point Korean diner closed down over the weekend – but like déjà vu it’s being replaced with what was there before.

This profit-for-good eatery is changing the way it does business – and there are some excellent names involved.

Local Knowledge
Funky, bitter and spicy – all the boxes are ticked at this Laotian joint in western Sydney.