Still trying to get through the door of Buffalo Dining Club? The owners have opened a Spanish tapas bar across the road to handle the overflow.

Luke Mangan’s burger chain, Chicken Confidential is here. For maximum crunch, go the Gangnam Style.

Rhodes’ new cafe doubles as an art gallery. Come for the fluffy matcha pancakes, stay for the paintings.

Vegan and gluten-free doughnuts are coming to Balmain. Kicking yourself for not thinking of it first?

The pair behind Surry Hills’ Katsu Yachiyo brings traditional Japanese food to Canterbury. They know their stuff.

38,000 “no shows” have been blacklisted from restaurants around Australia. Since when was the customer no longer always right?

The Local Taphouse has hit the market.

The Sugarmill receives a new face and focus. Finally, some good news coming from the Cross.

The closest thing to being in Paris? Surry Hills’ tiny new traditional French bakery, Lavie & Belle.