When you get to the counter at Woolloomooloo’s Smoking Gun, look up. The oven will be glowing with perfect bready halos or, as they’re calling them this Easter, “bunny boilers” (bagels are boiled, get it?).

Three additional bagels have been added to the menu for the season. There’s the “hot-cross bagel”, made with organic flour and loaded with dried spices and fruit. A lot of fruit: one kilogram of the stuff to every five-kilogram bag of dough.

There’s the “chocolate bagel”, which is earthy, sweet and salty all at once, and extra delicious toasted and spread with Pepe Saya butter.

Then there’s the “rabbit terrine” bagel. “Are we taking the piss? Kind of,” says part owner David Young.

This bagel is made with currents and citrus and then topped with rabbit terrine. “We made this terrine with rabbit and the odd cuts of pork belly, so we don’t waste anything. We were coming into Easter and thought ‘why don’t we make a terrine and have fun with it?’”

But does it taste good? “You’re going to have to trust us on this one.”

With the exception of the rabbit terrine option, says Young, these treats are also vegan-friendly and don’t contain any egg or butter: “We boil them and we do add a bit of honey, but I have two vegans here and they eat the bagels.”

After boiling, the bagels are baked in an oven custom built by Canadian stonemasons and are available over the Easter break until sold out. From Friday March 30 to Monday April 2, 8am–12pm daily.