Would you like your morning caffeine fix to do some good for the less fortunate around Australia? Well, this Friday August 10, you can ensure it does.

In 2011, StreetSmart – a grassroots charity movement supporting and preventing homelessness in Australia – started charity initiative CafeSmart Day. The event encourages cafes, coffee brewers and drinkers alike to join forces to support members of their community.

So on Friday around the country, $1 from each coffee sold will go directly to StreetSmart, with 100 per cent of profits raised channelled into local initiatives that assist those that are homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless.

CafeSmart ambassador and journalist Sarah Wilson suggests the event isn’t just about raising money. “CafeSmart will be an up-close and meaningful way for cafes and their customers to connect with their local community to help people for whom a latte is a luxury.”

Last year CafeSmart Day raised over $70, 000, with local favourite Mecca Espresso, topping the list of CafeSmart Champion Cafes of 2011, raising the most money out of any single cafe.

2012 stands to be even better. With 212 cafes already registered to take part in the event, last year’s impressive efforts are set only to be topped.

Here are some of the cafes participating in the event that we recommend: Toby’s Estate, Three Blue Ducks, Bean Drinking, Single Origin Roasters and The Grounds.

CafeSmart Day takes place this Friday August 10, 2012.