When you’re hungry there are few things better than the simple pleasure of a sausage sizzle. From that initial aroma of barbecued goodness, to the first bite through soft bread into juicy meat, the humble sizzle is an Australian favourite. Woofys knows this, and is bringing the hungry hoards a gourmet sausage sizzle and hot-dog hybrid.

“I lived in New York for about a year and passed a hot-dog stand on the way home from work every night – I got sucked into it every time,” says founder Tom Gibson. “I came back to Australia and was working in advertising and was over it and thought, I might try the old hot-dog stand. So I ordered a couple of carts and started from there.”

What Woofys offers is an ‘Australianised’ version of the hot dog. “It’s a sausage sizzle disguised as a hotdog. It’s a proper beef sausage but it’s in a hot dog bun,” says Gibson. This came about after Gibson did a bit of research and found that, “Australians don’t really like those horrible red Frankfurter things.”

The menu includes The Corker, a prime-cut beef sausage covered in caramelised onion, beetroot, cheddar and creamy ’slaw. Or if you like your sizzle with a Mexican twist, The Nacho Dog might be more your scene. It comes topped with guacamole, sour cream, chilli sauce and corn chips for crunch.

At the moment the focus for Woofys is in event catering and showing up at festivals and the like. And though there is no plan to set up shop-fronts, Gibson does have ambitions to get his dogs into more mouths. “We want to have a hot-dog cart on every corner and in every pub,” says Gibson.

For more information check out woofemdown.com.au