Dee Why cafe owner Alisdair Walter has squeezed a lot into his 26-square-metre space. He has a food-prep station, a shiny EK coffee grinder, some pop-art portraits of hip-hop artists and a bench for customers to watch the world go from while sipping on their coffees.

Just like the space, the all-day menu is compact; it offers just seven items. The names of the dishes pay homage to Walter’s love of hip-hop, such as crowd favourite MC Hammer ’n’ cheese, a toasted sandwich with leg ham, vintage cheddar, pickles, onions, and house mayo toasted on brown Sonoma sourdough.

There’s also the Snoop Hoggy Hog: slow-cooked pulled pork on a brown sourdough roll with sauerkraut, barbeque sauce and house-made mayo.

“I’ve been a huge hip-hop fan since primary school. It’s a massive part of my life and I just wanted to imprint a bit of that – not too much, but just a little bit – on the cafe,” he says.

The “Notorious brews” are made with beans sourced from Brookvale coffee roasters Barrel One. “We run a house blend, which is one of Barrel One Two’s blends, the SoleraI. I think drinkers of milk-based coffee like consistency,” Walter says.

The cafe also has two single-origin coffees running at any one time, a light roast and a dark. “Because we put our single origins through our EK grinder, we can brew espresso coffee with a light or dark roast. We like to have the options for drinkers of black coffee.”

Products used in the kitchen are also available for purchase. “Pretty much anything we use in our dishes [is available] ... We have some nice pickles imported from the States; there’s barbeque sauce we use on our pork roll, and infused maple syrup.”

Brew & I
Lot 5, 1822 Pittwater Road (Delmar Parade), Dee Why

Mon to Fri 6.30am–3pm
Sat 7am–1pm
Sun 8am–12pm

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