These new places show how important it is to hone in on one thing and do it well. From a bowl of Taiwanese congee, to possibly Sydney’s best bread, these are the latest cafes to have grabbed our attention.

As the name suggests, Pickled’s co-owners Andrew Doenicke and Bronwyn Coker share a love of fermented fruit and vegetables. It is in Elizabeth Bay, and the menu, which includes decadent breakfasts and rotating toasties, is designed around produce that’s pickled on-site. We recommend the eggs and peas on toast with pickled fennel, rocket, parmesan and bacon. If you want a sandwich try the gruyère toastie with pickled radish, rocket, beetroot and aioli.

Everyday Canteen
White-chocolate-and-matcha cake one day; peanut-butter-cookie sandwiches the next. Husband and wife Jiah and Jamie Min have a background running Melbourne’s Little Cupcakes, and Melbourne’s loss is our gain. There’s a memorable Brunch Board that condenses an entire breakfast buffet into one dish.

Berkelo doesn’t have a toaster. The bakery’s owner, Tom Eadie, believes it’s sacrilege to toast the bread. Some people might think that’s pretentious, but only those who’ve never eaten at his bakery. Until now you could only try this bread at restaurants such as Pilu. Try a pork-and-veal patty sandwich on an English muffin with burrata, chilli and rainbow chard. And like any good bakery, there’s always the option of a warm, classic croissant.

Republic Sandwiches & Salads
This Asian-inspired menu includes chilli-paste-soaked chicken sandwiches; noodles salads; and takeaway breakfasts. The black sticky rice with jackfruit cream and coconut is a real highlight, as is the prawn, pickled-eggplant and papaya salad.

Little Evie
Redfern’s Little Evie emphasises local ingredients and in-house preparation. This cafe offers nourishing all-day breakfasts, such as a bowl of quinoa and kale with roast beetroot, mushrooms, tomato, sweet potato and avocado topped with a free-range egg. Coffee is roasted on-site, and there are house-made sodas and a distinctive chai blend. Owners Dimitri Tourlas and Sevin Zhang are generous with the servings, particularly the green garnishes.

Bistro Kent House
This is one of the only places in Sydney you’ll find old-school Taiwanese, Thai and Australian fare under the same roof. It’s rare to see traditional Taiwanese congee in Sydney. This version is rice porridge cooked in stock with pork, pickled ginger and a century egg. There is also a stack of French toast with pandan custard, banana and bacon.