Beer crafted with precision and love should be drunk accordingly. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the accessories to help you get the most out of your brew this summer.

The Glass

Craft brewers put a lot of effort into aroma, and sipping straight from the can or bottle can limit the flavour. It’s worth finding glasses that respect the brew by maintaining the head and aromatics.

Melbourne-based company CRAFTD knows this. The team has created a line of affordable glassware designed to honour this effort, from the can-shaped Uncle Frank to the Belgian-inspired, stemmed Brother Constantijn.


The Icebox

When you’re cooling beer, you don’t want to muck around with the artisanal and boutique. You need some basic, reliable hardware that will do the job.

Still there’s a lot to consider. Is your cooler drainable? Is it easy to transport? Are the wheels going to fall off as soon as you take it off-road? Will it actually keep your beer cold? Queensland-based manufacturer Evakool has been tweaking these answers for 20 years, and the 60-litre fibreglass icebox is its bread and butter. Inside the 40mm foam-insulated walls, Evakool’s Icebox can keep ice from turning to water for 15 days. Durable.

Evakool Icebox

The Brew-Kit

Summer affords a little more time for tinkering, making it an ideal window to try your hand at crafting your own brew.

This brew-kit from Aussie Wattle provides everything the novice brewer needs to make a dozen bottles of your own pale ale. It contains malt extract, hops, specialty grains, wattle seed, and premium brewing yeast, as well as brewing equipment (syphon, brush, fermenter and airlock) and instructions for how to put it all together. You'll also need 12 empty bottles. Which over the course of a summer, shouldn't be too hard to source.

Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Kit

The Opener

That fancy beer you’ve painstakingly researched, tracked down, and cooled to optimum temperature? A lighter wedged between your knuckle and the bottle-cap isn’t going to cut it.

The BottleMate is an Australian-made bottle opener that claims to be “probably the best bottle opener in the world”, and using it involves almost no effort at all . If you’re planning on repeat use, this might take the strain out of it.

For less planned beer-drinking, you’ll need something more portable. Dare we say, discreet. Like a simple, stainless-steel, credit card-sized bottle opener.

Credit Card Bottle Opener

The Stubby Holder

The neoprene stubby holder is an Australian perennial. It’s flexible, durable, and keeps your beer cold. Melbourne design team Witu specialises in seasonal neoprene collections including bags, clutches and tech accessories. Working with neoprene and not making a stubby holder would be a crime worthy of deportation. Luckily, they do.

Witu’s designs turn any can into an attractive prospect. But if you want that classic stubby holder aesthetic, something down the back of the cupboard like ‘‘Golden Plains 2009” or “Nick and Susie’s Engagement, 2012” may also do the job. A good stubby holder is for life.


This article is part of the Summer Craft Beer Quarterly presented in partnership with James Squire.