A good cocktail has to reflect the season. As the weather warms up you might find yourself less inclined to pick up a rich, dark liquor and more keen on something fruity and floral.

That’s why we asked three bartenders to whip us up a custom cocktail – and we’re giving you the chance to try one for free.

This October, Hendrick’s Gin is partnering with three venues to create limited-edition cocktails made with its new Midsummer Solstice Gin. Surry Hills laneway bar The Winery, pub Paddo Inn (which has transformed into Paddo Ginn for the month) and CBD rooftop joint Old Mate’s Place have each made a bespoke, off-menu cocktail with the gin exclusively for Broadsheet readers.

Midsummer Tease
The Winery’s Michael Gavaghan has crafted a cocktail designed to be sipped in the venue’s plant-filled courtyard.

“It’s a floral, fresh tea-based cocktail that’s easy but has a bit of complexity to it,” he says. “Like the drink’s name suggests, it’s something to drink on a midsummer’s day – 25 to 30 degrees out, just sitting in the sunshine.”

Midsummer Solstice Gin goes into a shaker with apple and violet liqueurs, green-rose tea, fresh lime juice and sugar syrup. It’s shaken for half a minute, then poured into a coupe and topped with edible flowers.

“It leaves a nice aftertaste in the back of the palate, so you still get a bit of that floral aftertaste which I think represents the gin itself,” Gavaghan adds.

Chamomile Solstice
Over at Paddo Ginn, Jackson Rainbird says his aim is to show how easy it is to work with a floral-tasting gin.

“We didn’t go full cocktail-y with the ingredients. This is something everyone could have at home with stuff from the cupboard,” he says.

There are just four simple ingredients: Midsummer Solstice Gin, chamomile tea, honey and fresh lemon juice. It’s shaken and garnished with rosemary for an added garden scent.

“I'm not a tea drinker, so to me [the chamomile] adds something a bit different to the cocktail,” Rainbird says. “The gin’s already very floral so I wanted something approachable that drew on that. It’s kind of like drinking flowers.”

Little to the Left (Sold Out)
Long-time bartender and Old Mate’s Place co-owner Dre Walters sees the gin as a good fit for their two-level venue. He says the floral notes evoke a “gin garden”, reminding him of the garden on the rooftop and the foliage in the main bar.

“We made a drink that we thought would work really well here, but we also didn’t want the floral taste to be too overpowering, so we’ve made something that’s a bit more of a light sour,” he says.

For Little to the Left, the team makes their own liqueur from elderflower and frangipani. It’s mixed with the gin, Lebanese zucchini juice, lime juice, sugar, egg whites, PS40 bush tonic and mint leaves. A pinch of sumac is added to make the drink’s fruitiness pop a bit more.

“We sprinkle that sumac dust in a line over the top and add a flower. When you look down at the glass, it kind of looks like there’s a flower sprouting,” Walters says.

The drinks (only 50 per venue) are available while stocks last until the end of November exclusively for the launch of Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin. Download your coupon for the venue of your choice below.

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This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin.