Newtown's favourite New Orleans-inspired tavern is trading the Deep South for the Lion City, at least for a month. Teaming with Singapore bar 28 HongKong Street, Earl’s Juke Joint will offer a special Singaporean cocktail menu during August, including its own take on the city state's most famous concoction, the Singapore Sling.

The cocktail takeover is in honour of Singapore's 50th birthday and came about after Earl's owner, Pasan Wijesena, visited Singapore and was inspired by the city's happening bar scene and mix of cultures. “I wanted to celebrate by going a little further than just adding a Singapore Sling to our menu. I thought it would be cool to do a collaboration with a bar team I really admire, like 28 HongKong Street,” says Wijesena.

For the project Wijesena and his team will offer a menu of eight cocktails, half conceived by the Earl's crew and half by 28 HongKong Street. “We spent time with the 28 HongKong Street crew to collaborate on the menu, and we also visited a few local sites in Singapore to get inspiration for names, flavours and colours.”

The centrepiece of the list will be Wijesena's take on the Singapore Sling. The original Sling was created at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel in 1915 and remains a tropical favourite. Earl's version, called Long Tong Boon Lah (the name pays homage to the drink's birthplace and the bartender who created it, Ngiam Tong Boon) will have a similar flavour and appearance to the original Sling but will use cognac, sweet vermouth, spiced pineapple shrub and plum wine.

Beyond August, Wijesena's appreciation of Singapore's bar scene may lead to future exchanges between Earl’s and 28 HongKong Street. “Singapore's nightlife is buzzing right now, so much so that we’re actually talking about doing a bartender exchange between our venues to extend our collaboration.”

The Singapore-inspired cocktail menu will be available at Earl’s Juke Joint through the month of August.