Those behind Parramatta’s hugely successful cafes Circa and Three Ropes have opened a third in the area, Smith Fine Tea & Specialty Coffee.

Owners Tony Sleiman and Aykut Sayan, plus head barista and new business partner Nawar Adra, are excited about their new cafe-roastery, and are always looking to perfect their operations. The team are attached to Parramatta, the area they grew up in, and they’re excited about the growing culture in the suburb they have chosen to take a gamble on.

Outside, the words Smith House are emblazoned in red paint, beneath faded banners for antique furniture, an ode to the building’s previous life. The feel of the original building has been well preserved, with stained-glass windows, saloon-style, tasseled wall lights, roomy bay windows and lived-in leather booths.

Smith boasts the group’s first in-house roaster and the team is in the process of developing its own Ethiopian blend. It’s a simple choice; order black, white or filter coffee, with full-cream milk or nothing. “We're brewing coffee how we like to drink it – as minimally interfered with as possible,” says Sleiman.

A selection of white, green, oolong and black tea has been sourced from prime sources in China and India, and there's no food menu to speak of – one type of pastry, such as almond croissants, is delivered to the cafe each day by Paul Simon in Surry Hills.

Keep an eye out for a Smith & Co enoteca-style wine repository in the back room that is tentatively planned for the future. But for now, stop by and take it all back to basics with these friendly coffee folk.

Smith Fine Tea & Specialty Coffee
Batman Walk, Parramatta

Mon to Fri 7am–3pm