You don’t need to be a beer nerd to know that cans are making a comeback. They’re better for the environment (lighter, easier to recycle), and better for the beer (completely blocking out light, keeping it fresher). Plus you can tape them on top of each other to make a cool wizard staff if you feel like it.

Mona Vale brewery Modus Operandi has made cans even more fun with its canning machine, the CANimal. Like glass bottle growlers for takeaway beer (which MO also sells), the CANimal allows punters to walk out of the brewery with tap-fresh beer in a giant can – 946 milliliters (a “squealer”).

MO brewer DJ McCready was working with Oskar Blues in Colorado when he came across a turn-of-the-century food-canning machine in a warehouse. “It was basically designed to seal old food cans that could hold a couple kilos of tomatoes,” explains McCready. “So it had a few different size settings, the smallest we could put it on was a one-litre can.” With some modifications – such as using steel instead of aluminium – the old canning machine was turned into the new CANimal.

Since opening in July last year, Modus Operandi has made a big splash with its beers, winning four awards at Australia’s inaugural Craft Beer Industry Association Craft Beer Awards. The brand started after beer-loving husband-and-wife team Grant and Jaz Wearin came back from a cross-country US road trip with beer on the brain, and McCready in tow.

In addition to the MO brewpub in Mona Vale, the brewers have unleashed one other CANimal, which you can see – and use – at the Royal Albert in Surry Hills. Just pick any beer on tap and they’ll fill it on the spot. “We suggest people drink it within the first three weeks of it being canned,” McCready says. “But to be honest, we’ve tasted ‘em after two months, and it’s still pretty good.”

Modus Operandi
14 Harkeith Street, Mona Vale
(02) 8407 9864

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