With an increasing interest and awareness of sustainability and the quality and benefit of using local produce, there are more resources available than ever to help us city dwellers put a little green back into our lives. New online community Grow it Local is one such resource and helps Sydneysiders get their hands dirty and share their urban gardens in support of sustainable communities eating local produce.

With small home gardens and urban herb patches becoming more prominent, the only thing missing was a way to connect all of these disparate urban gardeners – a kind of community space for gardeners to share their love for gardening.

This is where online garden directory and share group Grow it Local come in. With support from other online community share resources like Garage Sale Trail and Republic of Everyone, Grow it Local has created an online and physical community where urban gardeners can share their gardening and cooking tips as well as their produce.

Grow it Local welcomes backyard, balcony, community and windowsill gardeners alike. Anyone growing anything edible in their respective patch is able to register and plot their garden on the map at Grow it Local’s site free of charge.

Local gardeners who register their patch are also eligible to win tickets to local growers’ dinners. “The idea is to put on a spread using Julie’s tomatoes, Geoffrey’s lettuce, Pete’s parsley and all manner of wonderful things literally grown in our collective backyards,” says chef and Grow it Local member Grant LaBrooy. The next dinner will be held on April 1 and will be hosted by purveyors of fine food, Three Blue Ducks.

So even if you’re just beginning to sow your seeds, register your patch to the Grow it Local site and visit Grow it Local’s Facebook page to join the conversation, because Grow it Local is all about spreading the fresh, DIY food love.