If you’re looking for a meat-, dairy-, or gluten-free feed, you often only have a couple of options on the menu to choose from. Whether you’re into eating veggies for breakfast (with a side of exercise or mediation), salads for lunch or want a stack of gluten-free pancakes, these places have your dietary requirements and overall wellbeing in mind.

Clean Treats Factory
The menu at this expansive, airy cafe – which looks like a shabby-chic villa – is entirely plant based and caters to anyone looking for a breakfast or brunch that is gluten, dairy or sugar free. For example, the vegan peanut-butter-and-chocolate pancakes come with pea protein.

There’s also a large glass case full of delicate and pretty sweet treats, including owner Charlie de Hass’s signature bliss balls, slices, peanut-butter cups and chocolate bites.

The Well
The owners of this Bondi establishment describe it as a “wellness concierge” all about helping people to make healthy choices. There are in-house exercise physiologists, nutritionists, chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, kinesiology practitioners and psychologists. The cafe is upstairs, above the gym.

The menu caters for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free diets. For breakfast there are corn-and-kale fritters and Bircher muesli. For lunch try the mango salad bowl or the Gym Staple with grilled zucchini and peas. But it’s not all virtue and no fun; there is wine, too. Enjoy it all with views of Bondi Beach.

Green Dream
This salad bar is by the founder of Fratelli Fresh and has the same focus as that sucess story in terms of using the best ingredients around. You can choose from one of the four weekly Dream Salads or make your own; start with a base of greens, kale, quinoa or organic wild rice, top it with five ingredients such as charred corn, tomato, salted edamame, shredded apple or spiced chickpeas, then throw in hot-smoked salmon, herb falafel, curried cauliflower or turmeric sweet potato. Then finish with a dressing. Enjoy it with a juice cold pressed on-site.

Paramount Recreation Club
This Palm Springs-looking fitness and wellness centre is like a gym for people who don’t like gyms. There are trainers, exercise classes and gym equipment, sure, but it prides itself on being about mental and inner wellbeing, too, so it offers meditation classes, workshops and talks.

It’s also very good looking; succulent gardens line the edges of the outdoor space, and its rooftop location looks like an empty swimming pool crossed with a resort. (Its branding is pretty cute, too). The attached cafe has a menu designed by the Longrain team and it offers a short list of sandwiches, salads, bowls and breakfast cups alongside house-made sodas and Reuben Hills coffee.

Albi’s plant-based menu is by LA chef Matthew Kenney (he has restaurants in several American cities, 10 cookbooks, runs a raw and vegan culinary academy and has a retreat in Thailand).

There’s a burger, tacos, pizza, dumplings and lasagne. While some are healthy, plant-based executions of the dishes, others are creative interpretations of classic dishes, such as the dumplings, which are unconventionally colourful (get used to this, everything is very pretty) and nutty thanks to a coconut and spinach-based wrapping and a kimchi filling.

At the bar the cocktails are as visually alarming and intricate as what you would expect from a molecular gastronomy laboratory, for example the Harvest, which emits lime-flavoured smoke and contains an entire pinot grigio-soaked green apple.

Mark + Vinny’s
More than half the menu at this “pasta and spritz bar” is vegan. The caprese salad is made with soy mozzarella and the zucchini flowers are stuffed with smoked almond curd. There is also a vegan carbonara with smoked mushroom “pancetta”, vegan “egg” and plant-based “parmesan”. To top it off, the spritz menu is 50 deep.

This article was updated on July 6, 2018.