For many, working with their partners could turn out to be a nightmare. For Andrea Vagge and Fiona Bloomer, who recently opened their new cafe Greenheart Espresso, working together has been a winning formula. Previously operating Bronte’s La Loconda for nine years, Bloomer says that the roles in their partnership are clearly defined, “We love working together. Andrea is a chef and has his department. I focus on the front of house, books and paperwork,” says Bloomer.

Bloomer explains that he couple was keen to transition from running a restaurant and embrace the cafe lifestyle. “It took a long time to make the change. After we sold the restaurant we worked for other people for a year and took a break from running our own business. This cafe has been about six months in the making. We were after a space that we didn’t have to tear apart completely.”

Crediting the eclectic fit-out to designer Matt Woods (renowned for interiors such as Bloodwood), Bloomer says the aquamarine wash splashed over the walls and tiles was the inspiration for the cafe’s name.

“The colour came first. We left it to Matt to come up with it. We didn’t even provide a brief, just that we wanted colour and for it to stand out,” says Bloomer. “We wanted to use the word ‘Green’ – it has a good connotation. We came up with ‘Greenhouse’ or ‘Green Room’ but decided to go with Greenheart. ‘Heart’ because we’re here each day, preparing everything ourselves.”

Little Marionette coffee is on hand and food here is nourishing and healthy. There are wholesome salads such as chicken soba noodle with lemongrass, ginger, chilli, cucumber, shallots, peanuts and Mirin dressing and Brasserie Bread sandwiches filled with hot smoked ocean trout, horseradish, cos and cucumber.

Greenheart Espresso
432 Kent Street, Sydney
(02) 8084 5954

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm