While some of us might be celebrating the onset of spring, over at the Cocktail Revolution we’ve been getting the most out of winter while it lasts. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, with a drink in hand no less.

Here are just a few of our favourite cold season cocktails.

The Even Longer Ice Tea
The trick with the any variation of the Long Island is to not overdo it, but in our new version we go that little further.

A Breakfast of Champions
Night-time’s not always the right time for cocktails. Le Perroquet – a classic gin, Campari, sparkling wine and lemon concoction – makes a perfect accompaniment to brunch or even breakfast.

Going Bananas
Invented by an American engineer on Daiquiri Beach, Cuba, this chilled cocktail went global when a US Admiral took a sip… The Banana Daiquiri is a simple, sweet cocktail that’s easy to make, and drink.

The Dude’s Drink: The White Russian
Whether The Dude’s bowling, listening to Creedence, hanging with his ‘lady friend’ or just kicking it on his rug, The Dude knows exactly what he wants. A White Russian.

Cornerstone: Scotch
Learn how to make the most of that smoky delight, Scottish Whisky, in this explanation of the ultimate malted drink.