After months of industry research, planning and discussion, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new jobs platform, Scout.

We’re focused on helping our audience find their ideal job in the hospitality, retail and creative industries, and helping businesses in those fields to find excellent employees. Scout will be launching in a few weeks, and businesses are able to sign up today for free to be part of the launch.

Broadsheet has been around for three years in Sydney and five in Melbourne, and over that time we’ve developed a terrific relationship both with our audience and the industries we cover.

Speaking with businesses about the main issues facing their industries, we kept hearing the same thing – that finding the right staff is incredibly difficult. For both job seekers and the employers looking for skilled, motivated staff, the existing tools are limited. Mainstream job boards are too big, and social media is hit and miss. With Scout, we are providing a connection between our audience and the businesses that excite them.

As on Broadsheet, the aim is quality, not quantity. Scout will be a highly relevant and highly engaged connection, created for our discerning audience.

We aim to inspire with all our coverage – to put a spotlight on the interesting and noteworthy things happening in Sydney and Melbourne from fashion and retail; architecture, design and arts; media and technology as well as hospitality. With Scout, we want to give you, our readers, a chance to be part of the great businesses that make these cities what they are. For employers, our aim is to help you find passionate people who are committed to improving your business.

Scout will be live very soon, and if you’re an employer in hospitality, retail or the creative industries, you can register for free today to join the businesses that will be part of our launch.

We’re excited about the future of Scout, and about the connections you can make with it.

For all questions and comments, please contact our product manager Amelie Mills,