For the last little while, we’ve been working together with Schweppes to launch the Cocktail Revolution HQ. A celebration of creative living, the Cocktail Revolution is about creating fun and refreshing drinks from what is readily available in your pantry or fruit bowl.

We’ve all been inspired by the innovative and inventive possibilities of home cooking, so we figure, why not follow a similar path with our drinking habits? The Cocktail Revolution is about gaining motivation from the most unlikely of sources, and we’re here to help.

So next time you're having friends over, keep the beer, wine and in the fridge and challenge yourself by making the most out of fresh flavours. Entertain yourself and your guests by creating drinks you might otherwise order in a bar.

Together with our partner Schweppes, we’ve embarked on a journey to explore how you can best enjoy cocktails in the comfort of your own home and we’ve drawn upon the advice of some of our most talented barkeeps and hospitality professionals in the process.

We've spoken to guys at The Hazy Rose who have taught us how to enjoy classic cocktails in a contemporary fashion, visited regional Victorian gem Loam to chat about their refined penchant for a negroni, and dropped into The Beaufort to find out how to be inventive with grapefruit, tequila and a dishwasher.

You don't need to have sharpened your bar tender skills behind one, but with a little inspiration and direction, anything can be achieved. So find an empty jar, raid your pantry, grab some ice and have a little fun by mixing your own homemade cocktails. Before you know it, you’ll be using our tips to help you master your own recipes, all the while impressing your friends.

We’re proud to introduce you to the Cocktail Revolution.

Visit the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution HQ here.