Originating in Berlin and now with a global presence, Hello Fresh is a superior incarnation of the delivered vegetable box. Instead of a mere haul of produce, Hello Fresh send a box of everything you need to make three to five meals a week, plus the all-important recipes informing you on just what to do with your perfectly portioned ingredients.

“People are used to shopping online and have so many priorities in their lives,” says Tom Rutledge of Hello Fresh’s Australian arm. “This is accessible and people can enjoy quick, healthy meals. When you’ve had a busy day the options are usually takeaway or a microwave, but this way you can get in the door and just start cooking.”

And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough, they’ve popped up in Paddington to let you sample some of the recipes in their repertoire. “We’re bucking the trend, going from online-to-offline, when everyone else is going in the opposite direction,” says Rutledge. “We thought it was important to have a real-world presence – to put a face to the name.”

Demos of dishes and produce taste tests are happening daily in the store, as is a free dinner if you sign up for the service while you're there. While the idea alone is pretty inspired, so are the dishes themselves, so make it a port of call if you’re thinking about signing on.

Rest assured the “idiot proof” recipes have been created and tested by home cooks and a nutritionist, requiring no gadgetry and little fuss. Ingredients are portioned to minimise waste and smaller family-owned suppliers are sought to keep everything local, seasonal and fresh.

The Hello Fresh concept is for those who appreciate cooking and fresh produce, but don’t have the time to do any of the groundwork.

Hello Fresh Pop-up Store
80 Oxford Street, Paddington

Daily 10am–7pm, until Sunday March 10.
Hello Fresh delivers on Mondays, 4pm–9pm.