It’s not enough to have rotating blends and multiple brewing methods in cafes anymore; more baristas are roasting their own coffee on site. Sample Coffee has opened its second cafe in the backstreets of St. Peters. Let the smell of the freshly roasting coffee guide you to a paired-back warehouse space that’s worth the hunt, with the roaster in full swing in one of the rooms.

Sample Coffee Pro opened in February. The new space is lean and simple, with understated, pale, wooden tables and benches, a neatly stacked wall of everything you need for coffee home-brewing, and a front coffee bar where the brewing processes are on show.

“I was looking for a space to house the roaster,” says owner Reuben Mardan. “I’d purchased it from Germany and had about three months to find a space for it.” Choose from black Kenyan Gaguyuni, cold-brew Ethiopian Wottona Boltuma, or batch brew filter Colombia Villa Linda.

The tight menu (which will change every two weeks) is designed to make choice easy. Breakfast includes pastries; cranberry and apricot granola; or apple and rhubarb compote with ricotta. After 9am the selection might be a ploughman’s plate; a sandwich of slow-cooked beef with provolone and pickles; or roast eggplant with pickled zucchini. There’s house-made soda of rhubarb, strawberry and mint, or kombucha made with cascara coffee cherry. You can get your beans to-go, and if you need home-brew help, check out the website where the online community with Mardan and his team responds to home-brewing inquiries. “The focus at the pro shop is the coffee gear. It’s going to be the go-to for everything home brewing.”

Sample Coffee Pro Shop
Suite 1.03, 75 Mary Street (cnr Albion Lane), St. Peters
(02) 9517 3963

Opening Hours
Mon to -Fri 7am–-3pm
Sat 8am–-3pm
Sun 9am–-2pm