Since opening in 2015 as a ramen restaurant, Salaryman has seen many changes.

First it offered seasonal ramen, before taking it off the menu and replacing with stracciatella with shallot pancakes, DIY pork bao and charcoal-roasted short ribs. Now, it’s on the move; closing the doors to the bunker-like space and soon opening in the CBD.

“When we opened in Surry Hills it was to give the brand a start and test the waters. For long term viability, we really want the brand to be in the city,” says owner Con Dedes.

The team is after a seaside location, but nothing is certain just yet. “We love the Surry Hills area, however our uniqueness has always been more ‘waterfront’.”

Does that mean Salaryman will end up on the water? “Not sure, but we will not rule it out,” says Dedes.

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