Ruby Rabbit has seen several incarnations over the years, drawing its inspiration from aesthetics as disparate as American truck stop diners and 18th century France. Now under the management of Sydney Nightclubs Director Sue Loumbos, the three-level space has received another makeover.

The theme this time around is fairytale whimsy. On the ground floor, birdcages hang from the ceiling, antiques dot the room and flowers adorn the walls. A dining area serves up a menu of modern classics that goes beyond typical pub grub.

The quirk factor goes up a notch on the first floor, which looks like a cross between the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and a Katy Perry video, all candy colours and patterns, with lounges and chairs positioned upside down on the ceiling – presumably to make room for a dance floor and decks.

On the top floor, the basic elements of what used to be De Nom have been retained, from the intricate wall panelling and furniture to the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. But the Palais de Versailles look has given way to a slightly more contemporary vibe – teal has replaced the golds and reds – and the feel is a lot less ostentatious. Portraits of animals in full regalia make you feel as if you’ve stumbled into the parlour of some kind of duck royalty. The cocktail list is promising, with traditionals like margaritas and French martinis sitting alongside some fun in-house creations.

The overall impression is more kitsch than chic, but there’s more than enough novelty to draw in the Oxford Street set looking for a new addition to their weekend bar-hop.

Ruby Rabbit
231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9331 0633

Wed-Sun 5pm-3am