We’re three months into 2018 and it’s already shaping up as the year all your favourite restaurants stopped serving their most famous dishes. Peter Gilmour is done with the Snow Egg at Quay, and Hartsyard has relegated its fried chicken to its sister venue Wishbone. Now, Rising Sun Workshop has cut the ramen from its dinner menu.

“We never set out to be just a ramen joint,” says chef and co-owner Nick Smith. “It became what we were known for … but we found it really stole the limelight from what we were trying to achieve at dinner.”

The new dinner menu is designed to share. An heirloom tomato salad is a Japanese take on Caprese salad and has fresh figs and a sesame and wakame curd as the alternative to mozzarella. There’s an onglet (hanger) steak from Ranger’s Valley seasoned with ramen butter, and the ikura don is a mix of rice, smoked caviar, tobiko and Australian bottarga from Freshwater’s Pilu.

“The new menu will be constantly updated to reflect seasonality,” Smith tells Broadsheet. “It’s something we’ve always done that can’t be applied to the ramen, sadly.”

A new happy hour called Afternoon Delights blends aperitivo with izakaya-inspired bar snacks such as onsen eggs (eggs cooked slowly in a broth) with “kombumite” (the kitchen’s take on Vegemite) toast soldiers and pickled mushrooms crumbed in Panko with Kewpie mayo. There’s also a tostada of dashi-pickled octopus, green chili and yuzu seeds.

A house spritz features Australian amaro made from Davidson plum, finger lime and saltbush by Applewood Distiller. There are also natural wines from Chapter and Puncheon Darts for under ten bucks.

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Afternoon Delights happens Wednesday to Saturday 4pm to 6pm.

Rising Sun Workshop
1c Whateley Street Newtown
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Sun to Tue 8am–4pm
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