Ricos Tacos is taking over weekend food duties at Marrickville’s Grifter Brewing Co until the end of the month.

The mobile taqueria was born after Taco King – chief taquero Toby Wilson’s resident taqueria at the beloved George Hotel in Waterloo – was forced to close when the pub changed management earlier this year. Wilson has built flexibility into his new business, stationing a taco truck in the Gelato Messina car park in Rosebery and popping up, cart in tow, at various locations across Sydney (including an upcoming month-long taco Tuesday residency at Rocker in Bondi).

Wilson has rolled his cart – which resembles one you’d find on the side of the road in Mexico – at the Marrickville brewery a few times since launching his on-the-go taco diner.

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“They’re both complementary brands,” Wilson tells Broadsheet. “The food matches with the drinks offering and vice versa. It just worked really well, so we talked about doing this residency.”

Grifter’s co-owner Matt King agrees, telling Broadsheet that having the taco cart at the brewery will take the pressure off organising another food vendor for a while.

“[We’ve been] wanting to partner with someone who’s like-minded and on-brand, but also who does really good food. We’ve been searching for a while,” King says. “We’ve had really good operators come through here, but the upkeep of updating a roster, having a schedule and dealing with lots of different parties does make the job a little bit difficult. Ricos was just a good fit.”

The menu won’t differ from what Wilson has been serving in the Messina carpark, with three staple tacos headlining. There’s a chorizo al pastor taco, filled with house-made chorizo, potato and salsa verde, and topped with pineapple; a braised-beef taco; and a vegan cauliflower taco, topped with red salsa and tahini. Plus, there’s corn chips and salsa, and black beans and rice for sides.

The month-long residency is part of Wilson and King’s longer-term plan to permanently set up the cart at Grifter from early next year. “Hopefully, we’ll be known as the brewery that has tacos,” King says.

The Ricos Tacos cart will be open on weekends at Grifter Brewing Co until November 30, and will pop-up again for the weekend of December 12 and 13. Opening hours are Saturday and Sunday 12pm–9pm, or until sold out.