When John Bogiatzis, the man behind Reuben Republic, announced he would open a new, permanent location in Marrickville on July 10, he did not expect to be overrun with fans.

“We had 500-plus people at the opening,” he says, sitting at the sandwich counter of the new store on Marrickville Road. “We just weren’t ready for the volume, we had to close for two days to get the systems right and regroup.” It’s a problem any cafe would love to have. Bogiatzis began selling his pastrami-stuffed sandwiches a year ago, and became a favourite at markets including Rozelle and Frenchs Forest, with customers happily queuing for 18-hour smoked and one-month cured brisket.

Bogiatzis designed the space himself and was inspired by his experiences in the States. He also did a lot of research to find the right oven/smoker.

Because everything is made in small batches by Bogiatzis, it makes planning for a rush like the grand opening tricky.

“[The pastrami] is not made to order, it’s all made ahead, so if you run out, then you’re out of it until you’ve got some more made.” The scarcity just seems to make his Reubens more popular. Keep an eye out for crispy pork filling too.

Reuben Republic
266 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
0405 274 962

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