When Icebergs first set-up its cafe pop-up earlier this year it was an ode to Sydney’s languishing heat; an adieu to an Indian summer. Now, there’s much less to lament with the promise of a long and glorious summer ahead and the re-opening of the Terrace Cafe to take full advantage of this fact. But this time? It’s permanent.

It’s difficult not to mention the views which are so pivotal to the Icebergs experience - and the once under-appreciated terrace takes advantage of these same vista, exposing the horizon to the public in the earlier hours of the day. Now those million dollar views are something to complement an easy seaside breakfast rather than a lunch or dinner.

The seating may be limited but all the more relished, but otherwise provides a good pit stop before a walk along the coast. The focus is on organic, light and fresh foods. Think juices brimming with vegetables, or wraps, slices and mueslis laden with superfoods and a general glow of goodness. There’s something quintessentially Bondi-ish about The Terrace Cafe, but somehow heightened by a proximity to the sea and sky which no other cafe could possibly offer.

Icebergs Terrace Cafe
1 Notts Avenue, Bondi
(02) 9365 9000

Tues to Sun 7.30am - 2pm


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