Have you ever wondered how the baristas standing behind the coffee carts parked at events around Sydney missed the memo about making good coffee? There’s no doubt the quality of coffee in Sydney has risen dramatically over the past decade, but it seems to be limited to trendy cafes. Tom Gibson, however, was the first to question why coffee carts aren’t keeping up with the times.

Gibson is very familiar with running food-and-beverage carts. He established the popular Woofy’s hot-dog cart three years ago. “We were rocking up to places with the Woofy’s carts, and saw these dorky coffee carts when I thought, ‘I can do this’,” says Gibson. Despite the success of Woofy’s, Gibson was in unfamiliar territory when it came to coffee. “I had this great idea without knowing how to do it,” he says. He called upon Ari Nicola, a friend and barista with 3 years experience behind the machine, who jumped at the opportunity.

Six months have passed, and L’Aperture has four coffee carts servicing events around Sydney. “We have our own branding for when we turn up to music festivals and events like that, but our carts can be branded for corporate events, like product launches and store openings,” he says. The guys are focusing on building their brand, and both are aiming high. “We eventually want to have the carts retailing all over the place,” he says. They have aspirations to break into the wedding market, as well as a few permanent locations.

L’Aperture machines run locally roasted Will & Co. coffee, which produces a balanced final product with a sweet, floral aroma and a caramel finish. Gibson says that the quality of the coffee is their highest priority, followed by service. “We’re not too cool to be friendly; we’re the opposite of that – we’re not cool and we’re friendly,” he says. The minimalist carts look slick nonetheless.

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